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The 21st Century Silk Road

What is the value of your Susho, silk embroidery? The starting point for understanding the value of your silk embroidery is to understand the mission of King Silk Art. 

King Silk Art’s mission is to build the 21st Century Silk Road, making our beautiful silk artwork, Susho, as famous in the rest of world, as it is in China. 

The mission of King silk art reflects the values of a family growing up in the tradition of Susho, an ancient form of silk artistry. 

What is important to the family is the 2000 year family tradition of the art. This takes precedent over all other considerations.  This art form must not perish from the face of the earth.  Unfortunately silk embroidery is a dying art as the Chinese people have more opportunities for better education and other forms of work. 

The next commitment is quality, quality, quality.  You can make silk embroidery inexpensive by reducing how long it takes to make dramatically affecting the quality of the piece (stitching is bigger, fewer layers).  King silk art's artist simply won't cheapen their art.  It is their art and it has been their art for a very long time.  

Fundamentally, King Silk Art's commitment is to enhance the lives of silk embroidery artists by keeping them fully employed and challenged with both traditional and modern art styles.  


In China, silk embroidery is very expensive, only the very well off can afford it.  As a result an silk embroidery artist can sell just a few pieces.  With King Silk Art our commitment, we are keeping the price of silk embroidery low for a period of time to enable all people to have this wonderful art in their homes. 

Our first step is to introduce the art by taking the art directly to the people worldwide.  During this period the value of the silk embroidery art is based on the labor to make the Susho, not on the intrinsic artistic value or the name of the artist.  The next step, which we are actively engaged in, is to sell to galleries.  Once this occurs the price of silk embroidery will dramatically rise. 

The benefit is you now have art worth far more than you paid for it. Again, this is top quality art, King silk art will not deal with poor quality.  You can get silk embroidery cheaper but the quality is poor. The following is an actual example and directly reflects the value of your silk embroidery art.


King Silk Art pricing for the two peacock piece, 71009:

480 hours to stitch

Artist received: 480 hours @ 18 Yuan ($3.00)* per hour = 8640 Yuan ($1296.00)

Retail value of this art, if based on labor alone, should be $4000.00. King Silk Art’s price is only $2340.00, which is slightly above actual costs. (This does not include other costs such as framing, shipping, administration etc. ) Since the price in China is based on the name of the artist, a gallery there charges $20,000 for  this peacock.



71009 Peacock and Peachick in the Snow

Please see the following table for comparison.  These values are taken directly from the China.  The last point is the price of labor is going up in China.  You have an opportunity to have very valuable artwork at a price which will change upward.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and help us spread the enthusiasm for Susho around the world. 

*While $3 an hour does not seem much by western standards, it is good in China. This has doubled in the last 3 years.


Prices here are much cheaper than China.