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Susho ( Ci Xiu) 

Susho is one of the most renowned traditional folk arts in China. There has been silk production in China for at least five thousand years. And, some of the oldest pieces of needlework that exist today are Susho.

In over 2500 years of documented history, Susho served the Chinese Emperors' families exclusively. Now available worldwide, it has become among the most sought-after art of all time.  (Click here for more information about Susho.)



The Zhang family has shared in this revered tradition for generations. Now based in Southern California as King's Silk Art, we create both this ancient form of art, and add a touch of modern thought into some of the original designs. We believe that with our continuous efforts, this ancient art will never become extinct and will evolve with time.

In 2004, when we first introduced our handmade Susho in Canada, we were thrilled by the response. As the years have passed and we've visited new countries and continents, we continue to be delighted by the universal admiration for the tradition that is so dear to us. In the future, we hope that more and more people will have a chance to appreciate the beauty of this ancient fine art. 



Suzhou Village



In addition to the pieces we create from our own designs, we can also create custom works of Susho, based on any requested design and size. (Click here for more information about custom made Susho.)

In the pursuit of new collectors for our Susho, we are now looking for distributors and business partners. We know that Silk Art is a growing industry and we are very interested in growing our team. We are very proud of our artwork and want to work with people who love it too, and want to help us introduce the world to one of our finest traditions. 



Suzhou Garden