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Nourished by rains, gentle breezes and a history written in poetry, our home, Suzhou, was a tranquil water village for thousands of years. Today, Suzhou is a prosperous city, and deeply proud of our ancient heritage, the silk art, Susho (刺绣 Ci Xiu).

The beauty of our landscape and serene lifestyle has attracted artists for generations. With such an inspirational environment, the artists of Suzhou use pure silk thread and tiny needles to express the most exquisite parts of our surroundings with Susho.

The Silk Road in China, nearly three thousand years old, first brought China's beautiful silk to the accessible world at that time. In the 13th century, Marco Polo, one of the first Europeans to travel the Silk Road, further expanded its reach with his writings. Now in the 21st century, King Silk Art is building a new Silk Road, introducing Susho all over the world.

The city of Suzhou shown below